Steep and experience the perfect cup of tea with your own personal choices of teawares and accessories. It's always the little things that complete the experience. Bring the spirit of extraordinary drinking to your home or any office setting!

glass tea tumbler
An elegant yet practical design of our double wall tumbler allows you to enjoy each tea leaf to the ..
Rp. 529,000
tea caddy
Giving a tea gift is like giving 'the gift of time': providing moments together, giving a reason for..
Rp. 99,000
tea infuser
At home or at the office, you do not need to settle for a dusty tea bag or dried out herbal infusion..
Rp. 559,000
tea cup
The one-of-a-kind glazed stone tea cups are design and colored with the great care and att..
Rp. 329,000
tea caddy
Colorful & elegant, our Japanese Tea Tins comes with 4 sizes, XS, S, M, L. The XS tins..
Rp. 199,000
bottle infuser
BPA free heat-resistant glass tea infuser with silicone sleeve handle. ..
Rp. 319,000
tea set
The ultimate Glass Tea Set Collection for a perfect brew. At home or at the office, you do not need ..
Rp. 1,399,000
tea brewer / decanter
Bamboo shaped heat resistant glass tea brewer with a built-in filter that allows you make both ..
Rp. 539,000
This hand-made matcha whisk (chasen) is made by the skillful craftsman. Made from golden bamboo, thi..
Rp. 299,000
A high quality steel mesh tea infuser with ball end. Enjoy your loose leaf tea without a mess. Squee..
Rp. 99,000
bottle infuser
An elegant yet practical design of this double wall glass tea infuser allows you to enjoy each cup o..
Rp. 319,000
A stainless steel mesh ball strainer especially crafted for easy and secure opening and closing to p..
Rp. 79,000
In creating a perfect cup of tea, it is essential to have the right infusion time. Different teas re..
Rp. 139,000
A high-quality deep forged stainless steel measuring spoon for an exceptional cup of indulgence. Our..
Rp. 99,000
Water temperature is crucial in bringing out the best quality of tea. As certain teas tend to be mor..
Rp. 129,000