In creating a perfect cup of tea, it is essential to use right type of water, control the infusion temperature, and the steeping time – the WTT rules.


Soft water or purified water is the best. Many teas have subtle flavors that can be masked by using poor quality water. Soft water suits the brewing of teas as it creates a gentle mouthfeel and does not contain minerals that would affect the taste.


Water temperature is crucial in bringing out the best quality of tea. As certain teas tend to be more delicate than others, the temperature would affect flavour, aroma, and the astringency of the brew.


Essentially, the longer the leaves are steeped, the more astringent the brew becomes. Over-steeping will results in more bitterness and a less balanced flavor. Infusion time varies depending on the type of tea.



Brewing Hints


Serving suggestion: 2.5g tea for 250ml water


Withal, proper storage of tea is paramount. As tea is susceptible to oxidation, it should always be stored at a constant temperature in an airtight container, away from light, heat, moisture, and strong odors. When properly stored, your favorite loose-leaf tea can remained untainted, fresh, and pleasantly enjoyable!