A discovery of artful exploration, tea pairing provides an extensive range of tastes. Notion just for a breakfast or afternoon beverage and a predominantly stand-alone potation, tea is very versatile natural drink that advances seamlessly with food. Surely, just as wine, tea can both enhance the flavour of a dish and cleanse the palate. Tea bridges flavour gaps in a dish that if left unfulfilled leaves one craving for additional sustenance. Ultimately, tea refreshes and readies the palate for symphonious flavours of the next course in the meal.Tea pairing offers countless culinary opportunities and new taste sensations in the food pairing world.

Exercise all senses smell, sight, touch, taste
to appreciate tea with food.

  • Gently sip of tea
  • Place a small bite of food in your mouth
  • Allow the flavours to show themselves slowly
  • Examine the aftertaste
  • Sip some tea and let it wash over your palate
  • Consider how the flavour of the food
    and the tea blends


As one considers the pairing of tea and food, acknowledge that individual personal taste is paramount. Nonetheless, Tea Et Al endeavors creation of tea pairing suggestions available in each of its tea selection.

Begin your enthralling journey on the palate with Tea Et Al