Global Sourcing, Proprietary Blends

Tea Et Al is dedicated to showcasing only the finest teas and herbal blends handpicked internationally. Our philosophy is to offer quality teas from all over the world that result in the creation of artful blends of exciting and innovative tea selections. Quality, balance, and freshness are the elements that go into consideration. Besides selecting for taste, we also consider the origins and health benefits of each type in creating our blends.  These proprietary teas are only available at Tea Et Al and our online store.

Offering a Unique Destination Experience

The experience of Tea Et Al begins at our flagship stores, where customers can sample delicious teas and relax in an elegant and luxurious atmosphere, together with assorted desserts and pastries. Our knowledgeable staff will guide and inform customers for the best tea experience. These stores will be go-to destination places where customers can gather for a good cup of tea, together with all the pleasures that denotes: the cultivation of friendships, exchanges of ideas, personal indulgence, as well as family time.

Journey of Discovery

Heightening the journey of discovery for members and underscoring our association as fine tea experts, Tea Et Al offers memberships with perks such as special product samples. Through such efforts and more, Tea Et Al will truly offer a distinctive and unique experience that will stand out in the market and in the minds of customers, engaging with customers to invite them on a continuous journey of discovery, and enjoyment by making tea a part of their everyday life.